The Raunchy Ronda Rousey’s Wardrobe Malfunction

She was the first American woman to win a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics for judo. Her athletic career as a mixed martial artist and judoka was very impressive, as she never lost a match until her first knock out in 2015 against Holly Holm. This stellar career was almost tainted with Ronda Rousey’s wardrobe malfunction.

The press labelled the Ronda Rousey wardrobe malfunction as “the almost moment”. In UFC 157 which she personally hosted, she made her UFC debut with a match against Liz Carmouche.

Just like Hollywood celebrities, athletes get sponsored by clothing companies to promote their brand of clothing during a fight. Ronda usually tests the clothing she wears to see if it fits well before she wears it to a match.

However, during the UFC 157 match, she was wore a new sports bra that she was launching. She hasn’t tested the bra prior to the fight.

During the grappling moments, she had to keep readjusting her bra to keep her “assets” from being displayed to the public.

Those moments when she almost showed all her breasts did not keep her from winning the first round via an armbar.

This event catapulted her to stardom, which she still enjoys up till today. Her celebrity status extends beyond the fighting arena.

She moonlights between being an athlete and as a model and actress. You can sometimes see her wearing something more daring.

She even modeled for a pictorial where she wore nothing but a full body paint swimsuit like this one.

Her natural love for the outdoors and the beach makes it easy for her to wear less and more skimpy outfits.

With a very toned and athletic body like hers, she looks even better when there’s very little clothing covering her vital assets.

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