The Raunchy Ronda Rousey’s Wardrobe Malfunction

She was the first American woman to win a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics for judo. Her athletic career as a mixed martial artist and judoka was very impressive, as she never lost a match until her first knock out in 2015 against Holly Holm. This stellar career was almost tainted with Ronda Rousey’s wardrobe malfunction.

The press labelled the Ronda Rousey wardrobe malfunction as “the almost moment”. In UFC 157 which she personally hosted, she made her UFC debut with a match against Liz Carmouche.

Just like Hollywood celebrities, athletes get sponsored by clothing companies to promote their brand of clothing during a fight. Ronda usually tests the clothing she wears to see if it fits well before she wears it to a match.

However, during the UFC 157 match, she was wore a new sports bra that she was launching. She hasn’t tested the bra prior to the fight.

During the grappling moments, she had to keep readjusting her bra to keep her “assets” from being displayed to the public.

Those moments when she almost showed all her breasts did not keep her from winning the first round via an armbar.

This event catapulted her to stardom, which she still enjoys up till today. Her celebrity status extends beyond the fighting arena.

She moonlights between being an athlete and as a model and actress. You can sometimes see her wearing something more daring.

She even modeled for a pictorial where she wore nothing but a full body paint swimsuit like this one.

Her natural love for the outdoors and the beach makes it easy for her to wear less and more skimpy outfits.

With a very toned and athletic body like hers, she looks even better when there’s very little clothing covering her vital assets.

Tom Hardy’s Tattoos Tell a Story about His Life and Journey

Tom Hardy is known as a tough guy who has played various roles in films. He is well-loved despite showing a tough character all the time. Tom Hardy’s tattoos don’t do anything to soften his image, but he still has a huge following. If you go deeper into the meanings of those tattoos, you will love him even more.

Tom Hardy has a Madonna tattoo on his left arm. It was quite a sentimental choice. He said that he got one as a symbol of how he became both a father and a mother to himself.

Tom says the wolf is an important animal to him. He got one as inspired by The Revenant, a film in which he stars alongside Leonardo di Caprio.

Aside from the wolf, he also considers a raven as an important animal. He even had one just right above his chest.

When it comes to tattooing his body, Tom Hardy seems to have no boundaries. He already has a lot going on in the chest and arms area.

The dragon tattoo was a symbol of his love for his ex-wife, Sarah. She was born in the year of the dragon.

The Great Britain flag which is totally visible on his upper chest just right above the falcon is a symbol of pride for being British.

Regardless of the number of tattoos he has in his body, Tom Hardy remains hot. If anything, those tattoos even make him hotter.

He has played a tough guy in various films. The tattoos in his body made his portrayal even more believable.

Aside from the dragon tattoo, he also had the “Till I die” phrase written from his waist towards his belly button. It was meant for his ex-wife, Sarah, whom he was married for only a few years.

Tom Hardy just couldn’t get enough when it comes to tattoos. He has even proudly shared some of the images taken while he was being inked.

Arthritis and Oxidative Stress: Healthy, Pain-free Joints Need Care, Movement and Antioxidants

We are just beginning to understand the role that oxidative stress plays in arthritis and other chronic diseases.

The human skeleton has 206 bones most of which come together in some kind of movable joint that is designed to work smoothly for 120 years or so. A miracle of natural design, each movable joint is lubricated by a bag of fluid (synovial cavity) that is surrounded by smooth slippery cartilage. The bag of fluid and the cartilage keep the bones from touching and make the movement of the joint effortless—at least while we’re young.

What is arthritis?

When the lubrication system in a joint malfunctions, we call it arthritis, literally an “infected joint.” There are two general kinds of arthritis, osteoarthritis which is damage to the articular cartilage, and rheumatoid arthritis which involves extra tissue developing between the bag of fluid and the cartilage. Once the extra tissue starts interfering with the movement of the joint, unhelpful changes start occurring in the cartilage and in the bag of fluid.

knee-pain.jpg (596×332)

Why do we get arthritis?

There probably isn’t a single cause. Injury is part of the answer, but there has to be more than that. Oxidative stress is thought to produce arthritis through Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) molecules that are produced in our bodies. If not removed they damage tissues and cause arthritis. Free radicals are one form of ROS. Antioxidants in our diet or supplements help to neutralize ROS molecules.

Inactivity contributes to arthritis. We need movement to keep the tissues lubricated and to flush dead cells and toxins out of the joint. The cartilage that helps joints to move smoothly has no blood supply of its own; it relies on the movement of other tissues to bathe it in fluids that contain nutrients and remove waste. Without movement the fluids are toxic and stagnant while the cartilage is starved of nutrients.

The feeding and cleansing of the bag of fluid also depends on the movement of joints. So movement is a factor. As we age, many of us become more sedentary.

Another contributing factor may be the acid-base balance in the body. Many Americans eat an artificial diet that makes the body more acid. A more natural diet such as the Mediterranean Diet, makes the body more alkaline as it was designed to be. Hormones and enzymes are chemical messengers that travel around the body helping to coordinate healing processes. Altering the acid-base balance can interfere with the biochemical reactions that produce hormones and enzymes and disrupt their communications once hormones are created.

What can we do about arthritis?

  • Search Gogole for “arthritis” and see many helpful articles about specific forms of the disease and their therapies.
  • Care for injured joints as recommended by your healthcare professional. Don’t just take a pain-reliever; actively heal the joint through hot or cold compresses—whichever your doctor recommends, or immobilizing the joint temporarily. Joints heal slowly so care for the joint, following your doctor’s instructions, beyond the point when the pain goes away.
  • Keep your body as active as possible.
  • Maintain a full range of motion in all your joints.
  • Eat a Mediterranean diet.
  • Supplement your diet with antioxidants.

Guacamole Nutrition Facts – Are they good for you?

Comparing to the so called traditional salsa, it is observed that guacamole would ask for a really adventurous palate. This is perceived on its texture and as well as its different green appearance. There are times when people raise their eyebrows with this. However, it should not be underestimated because it comes with a great amount of nutrients. These are always found in Guacamole nutrition facts. The said nutrition will never be found on whatever processed alternative there is. One good example of which is mayonnaise. With this said, it may be advisable to really comprehend the nutritional profile of this guacamole. This is ideal as an efficient part of a diet plan. It may work that way.

guacamole-foto-heroe.jpg (3079×2173)

Getting to know Guacamole

What is the common ingredient of guacamole? First of all, it goes with an avocado fruit. This is one. This is the reason for its color. There are times when the other ingredients may differ or vary. However, the most common one is that it comes with garlic, Serrano chilies, lime juice, white onion, tomato and as well as salt. All of these are found in Guacamole.

As for the fats, upon looking at it initially, the fat content of this Guacamole may be pretty surprising. This comes with 15 grams of the whole fat for every half cup serving. The question may be – how did this even become possible when it is only coming with vegetables, fruits and a little bit of spice? How can it have so much fat in it? The answer may be pointed down to the presence of avocados. For every serving of avocado, there is like a one-fifth of the whole avocado fruit. This goes with 4.5 grams. The number may be quite high, that is true. However, it has to be kept in mind that the fat may come with a healthy property too – this is the case with monounsaturated fats. These are healthy.

Another important fact is that Guacamole is rich in fiber and carbohydrates. There is 12 grams of carbohydrates seen in a half cup serving of it. But then, for those who are conscious about their carb intake, considering the dietary features of Guacamole may be useful enough. Calculating the net carb is the answer here. It should not be forgotten that this has the ability to increase the blood sugar of the person who consumes it. As a matter of fact, Guacamole has 8 grams of fiber. This is always being served.

As for the calorie content,  a large number of it may also be expected in the food. This happens because of the energy it may be derived from its fats. Since it has been mentioned that the guacamole will be a relevant origin of fats, this will be associated with the high amount of calories it comes along with. There is an approximate 170 calories seen in it. Vitamins may also be consumed eventually. There may also be minerals such as potassium and the like.

Sickle Cell Anemia Facts – A disease to be worried about?

SCD is considered to be a group of red blood cells which are always a disorder. The mentioned may be inherited all the time. It is known as a fact that for red blood cells to be considered healthy, they have to be round in shape. These should be capable of moving from small blood vessels in order for oxygen to be carried. These would always be the part of the whole system of the individual. For people who find themselves suffering from SCD, there are various Sickle Cell Anemia facts that have to be learned. What are these?

sdut-sickle-cell-anemia-patients-2015sep22 (1800×1070)

The types and more

If a person comes with SCD, there is a big tendency for the person’s red blood cells to turn hard. This may also become sticky. As a matter of fact, it resembles the look of a C-shape. This may be a farm tool which is referred to as stickle. These mentioned sickle cells are most likely to die early too. This would somehow be the reason behind the shortage of these red blood cells. This is going to occur as they travel through that of small blood cells. Once they are stuck and even clog with the blood flow, this may be different. This may be the reason for pain and other problems which may be seriously related to the disease or complication. Among the problems which may arise are acute chest syndrome, infection and even stroke. This may be the worse.

What are the usual types or kinds of SCD? There is this HbSS. This form is the time when two sickle cell genes are being inherited. One of this may come from each parent. This is always termed as the sickle cell anemia. This is considered to be a severe and complicated kind of the disease explained.

Another is the HbSC. The difference of this is that this may only come from any of the parent. The gene from the other parent though is identified as “C,” or the abnormal hemoglobin. This protein would allow the carrying of red blood cells to most of the parts of the body. This is a milder version of SCD.

Apart from the aforementioned, another kind is HbS beta thalassemia. Whenever people suffer from this type or form, they may see themselves having severe SCD. This is like a milder type of SCD.

The causes

Truth be told – SCD will always be a genetic condition which is somehow evident ever since the birth of an individual. This may be present to those which receive two sickle cell genes. These are both coming from every parent there is.

The diagnosis on the other hand may be quite simple. It will only take a matter of going for a simple blood test in order to be determined. This can even be pointed out in a newborn as he or she goes for screening tests. This is why it may be detected even prior to the person’s birth. Increased rate of having infection may be experienced this way.