Sickle Cell Anemia Facts – A disease to be worried about?

SCD is considered to be a group of red blood cells which are always a disorder. The mentioned may be inherited all the time. It is known as a fact that for red blood cells to be considered healthy, they have to be round in shape. These should be capable of moving from small blood vessels in order for oxygen to be carried. These would always be the part of the whole system of the individual. For people who find themselves suffering from SCD, there are various Sickle Cell Anemia facts that have to be learned. What are these?

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The types and more

If a person comes with SCD, there is a big tendency for the person’s red blood cells to turn hard. This may also become sticky. As a matter of fact, it resembles the look of a C-shape. This may be a farm tool which is referred to as stickle. These mentioned sickle cells are most likely to die early too. This would somehow be the reason behind the shortage of these red blood cells. This is going to occur as they travel through that of small blood cells. Once they are stuck and even clog with the blood flow, this may be different. This may be the reason for pain and other problems which may be seriously related to the disease or complication. Among the problems which may arise are acute chest syndrome, infection and even stroke. This may be the worse.

What are the usual types or kinds of SCD? There is this HbSS. This form is the time when two sickle cell genes are being inherited. One of this may come from each parent. This is always termed as the sickle cell anemia. This is considered to be a severe and complicated kind of the disease explained.

Another is the HbSC. The difference of this is that this may only come from any of the parent. The gene from the other parent though is identified as “C,” or the abnormal hemoglobin. This protein would allow the carrying of red blood cells to most of the parts of the body. This is a milder version of SCD.

Apart from the aforementioned, another kind is HbS beta thalassemia. Whenever people suffer from this type or form, they may see themselves having severe SCD. This is like a milder type of SCD.

The causes

Truth be told – SCD will always be a genetic condition which is somehow evident ever since the birth of an individual. This may be present to those which receive two sickle cell genes. These are both coming from every parent there is.

The diagnosis on the other hand may be quite simple. It will only take a matter of going for a simple blood test in order to be determined. This can even be pointed out in a newborn as he or she goes for screening tests. This is why it may be detected even prior to the person’s birth. Increased rate of having infection may be experienced this way.

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